Hopefully you will find answers to your most common questions...
There are lots of questions we get asked, or don't get ask until it's too late.

Q: Can a smaller local lumberyard like LCBS meet my needs?
A: You bet we can.  We work with the best custom builders in the Lake Chelan area, and we are meeting their needs.  Check our customer project photos and see!  Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to service.  Local service makes a difference, we stand behind the products we sell.  Our delivery fleet is ready to serve you

Q: Yes, but can you be competative with the big box, or larger lumber companies?
A: Truthfully, yes, we can.  Especially when you look at the project as a whole, not a single item.  We admit the boxes and larger yards can have great specials on one or two items, but when priced as a package we're very competative.  Throw in free timely local delivery, a sales staff with over 300 years in the building industry, and not having to spend all that money on gas...well you get the idea.  Don't just look at one price, give your local lumberyard a shot at your project.

 Q:  You mention quality materials, come on... a 2x4 is a 2x4, right?
No, a 2x4 is not a 2x4.  There are huge quality differences in lumber, plywood, decking, etc.  Things like moisture content can be the kiss of death for lumber in the hot Lake Chelan climate.  After 36 years in business we know what materials work best in our area.  What works in western Washington may not work well here, and visa versa.  LCBS will always choose quality over a percieved cheap price.  In working with custom home builders, our customers expect quality, and that's what we try hard to deliver.  LCBS also has the only covered, full service lumberyard in North Central Washington at our Manson location.  This insures you of top quality, clean, dry materials every time.

Q:  Local, you sure use that phrase a lot, why?
You bet we do.  We're pround of the fact we serve the Lake Chelan Valley.  When your dollars are spent with us we work hard to keep that money working in, and for our communities.  Like School donations, service projects, or festivals and events in our Valley.  Our staff and owners live and play here, and take satisfation in serving our areas needs.  If you're from out of the area, you can take comfort in the fact your dollars stay here in the place you love to come visit.  Shopping local does make a difference in your communities.  We know you have a choice in where you buy the products and services we sell, so it helps you to remember where that money goes after the fact....back into our Valley.